Fly Tucson First: Tucson International Airport

Tucson International Airport (TUS) is an essential economic driver of Southern Arizona, as it serves a region of well over one million people. Currently, six airlines fly non-stop from Tucson to 18 destinations, with nearly 120 flights either arriving or taking off every day.

A 2012 study by the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management found that Tucson International Airport has an annual economic impact of $3.2 billion and supports 35,000 local area jobs. This impact benefits the entire Tucson and Southern Arizona business community. Our Southern Arizona community needs to continue to support such successes.

There is a symbiotic relationship between TUS and the regional economy, in that they share in and support each other’s prosperity. As Southern Arizona’s economy grows, so does the number of airport passengers and businesses that TUS serves. Likewise, as TUS grows, it continues to better meet the needs and demands of more Southern Arizona passengers and businesses, as well as supports local business growth.

When Southern Arizonans choose not to fly out of TUS, the money that is spent on such travel is not spent here. When we don’t use our own airport, there is less reason for new airlines to pursue Tucson as a destination, and there are fewer reasons for airlines that already serve Tucson to expand their Tucson routes to new destinations. Finally, when Southern Arizonans choose to fly to and from elsewhere, those jobs are created elsewhere.

The Tucson Metro Chamber believes that it’s high time for all regional businesses to rally around a “Fly Tucson First” pledge. If all of us do so, we believe that Tucson’s existing airlines will respond by adding new flights to existing routes and/or expanding routes to new destinations. In addition, airlines that currently don’t serve Tucson would begin to look at TUS as a destination with the opportunity for successful growth.

TUS is ready to meet the higher demand that a successful “Fly Tucson First” pledge could create, as it already has the capacity and facilities to expand existing services, as well as to recruit new flights.

Thus, the “Fly Tucson First” pledge puts the words of regional employers, community leaders and local government officials into action, as it implements travel policies that will promote the use of air service via TUS.

Sign “Fly Tucson First” pledge